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Somewhere between the broken bones and striped flesh lays the Boston hardcore trailblazers, Vein. As a turning point in some of the gritty and ugliness of Massachusetts hardcore, Vein comes protruding with a foreground attack on the listener. Without much resistance, there is nothing but ashes in their newest display of destruction, Errorzone.

Between the constant touring, rising obliteration, and shifting battlegrounds of war; Vein is a consistent threat in the age of hardcore. Well known for their ability to perform on stages both large and small in stature, Vein moves in “virus://vibrance” where Vein is able out-perform in just mere seconds. Their sound that feels industrial but has a common mix of instrumental and sudden switches that forms a sheet of ice for the music to glide over. As the percussion begins these cut-aways of different rhythm punches and the cracking lines of breakdowns through ripping guitars and vocals that pierce through the overlay. There is a real sense of depth and flow behind the tightly wrapped package that lives under the name of Vein.

In Errorzone, there is a gaping variety of sounds introduced that begin to refine the fresh authenticity of true anger behind a sound. Vein becomes this overarching embodiment of flying fists and kicks as the listener tries to crawl out of the pits of despair that is laid out before them. With these mixes of industrial ringing of sirens or alarm-esque sampling, there is something that sparks that smile behind the madness with the rough cuts and even rougher stance.

“Anesthesia” is a track that carries that sudden attack as the lyrics of “Day in, day out” are repeated as the sound slowly engulfs the listener in this black cloud of overarching hell. Not only is the band’s ability unmatched in a sense of being a stomping force, but Vein is held down by years of experience in the hardcore scene. As they begin to experiment and shift their musical direction, some sense of rebirth is formed. As they have shown in previous releases, Errorzone delivers on creating something that is both familiar and groundbreaking for the band. Somehow there are these methods that becomes true behind every Vein record. There will always be certain elements that make the record feel as a continuation of Vein’s sound, but ultimately with each release the band becomes tighter and more efficient.

Displayed on the track “Untitled”, Vein is able to show real hardcore prowess in just a minute’s time. As the multiple shifts of guitars become punches through the record, “Untitled” holds these rugged slices that can ultimately puncture through and illustrate a two-sided coin to Vein. At on stance, Vein is brutal and shows little mercy with the constantly damaging elements of hardcore. In other moments, Vein holds this togetherness that proves to be beautiful in a twisted and cognitive sense.

Errorzone is the aggressive monster that is needed to showcase the uglier side of music. The real Boston punch that we all need in the progressive plunge into a more hardcore sound.

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