Classic Day – Under The Cover of Shadows


A step to the atmospheric shadows and “Furniture Music” as once described by composter Erik Satie turned out to be one of the largest spins in the career of music history. Brian Eno who was known professionally at the time of just Eno, began mixing and experimenting with the subtly and blending of creating atmosphere and generally beautiful backing sound that became heard through the bright colors that protruded.

Discreet Music jumped and took an indirect approach to producing, and being a golden standard in artist expression. Relying on the patterns and rhythms that invoke movement, instead inspire emotional attachment to the sound; Eno takes and delivers on his fourth studio record. As the first self-titled track “Discreet Music” takes the over thirty-minute plunge into freeform freedom, there is something that becomes well known from the start. Discreet Music will take entirely different directional strides from Eno’s previous work and begin a start into a new shell of resonance.

Delivering through the cascading strings and synthesizer, Eno contains these level of self-preservation through Discreet Music. He never really stands himself in the foreground and instead lets the music be the backing bones of the record. The imaginary picture that the performance paints is the true centerfold of the record as it invokes these vivid images of grand landscapes and overwhelming proportions. Eno’s work may seem in a modern sense something that is unknown as a common name, but at the time with his work that would inspire the likes of David Bowie and millions of artists to come; his name was more than influential in the span of history.

With a track that reaches a total of 31-minutes and 35-seconds, there is a vast amount of ground to cover between the abstract masterpiece. With the way that Eno manipulates the sound and works with conductor Gavin Bryars who arranged the entire second half with his Cockpit Ensemble, there is a method of engagement that Eno had behind this sound. The first half is covered by one single track that is handled entirely by Eno and his own production. The mantle is then shifted as Bryars begins to conduct the direction and overarching flow of Side B.

Discreet Music is a record that works best for being the background sound with very little pushed to the front. It never portrays a dominance over the listener as the immaculate sound instead decides to rely heavily on the atmosphere surrounding the music. By dinner party, elevator, or headphones, there is something almost calming that steps from Eno’s untarnished wonderland of sound and vision.

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