Misc. Day – Overbearing Lust


It is something your girlfriend will hate and your parents will not understand, it is Pittsburgh’s own Drug Lust with their 2013 release, Dusted 7”.The small, but filling EP contains just about everything that would be needed from a hardcore punk release. The overdriven guitars, the crashing percussion, bass that brings a backbone, and a vocalist that is not understood unless the lyric sheet is nearby.

The EP begins with a fuzzy, low strumming string combination that soon takes form as a low quality push into the unknown and angry. “Norway ‘92” is a fairly calm track until the vocals begin to flood into the frame and mix the equation up into a complete nosedive into the gasoline filled turnstiles. The 7-and-a-half-minute EP takes a consistent course after the first dive through the rage-filled attack of clamoring noise and persistent aggression.

Dusted 7” becomes a match made in hell with the second track being a frantic mess of sound between the blasting percussion that uses the one and two for snare and cymbal smashes, the guitar that sounds ripped straight from a higher-pitched noise installment, and the vocals that echo over the whole mix. Drug Lust has this sense of primal instinct behind their music and gives that off with the very rough, almost unpolished instrumentation and style. It is a draw to their sound though, making them stand out in hardcore for being able to move into a sound and instill new life to it.

The short, but capturing tracks make Drug Lust a circle-pit inducing jam-session that takes elements to form something catastrophic and unpredictable. The way the drums have this ring behind them, the guitars that follow suite and combine to create this dual attack develops an atmosphere and then relies on the bass and vocals to fill the gaps where the sound lingers.

This is shown well on “Zip Gun” which has a sense of a breakdown near the third quarter of the track. It alleviates the stress put on with the hardcore influence in the beginning and allows the build-up to become the true rising action. Amazingly, there is no lack of emotion through Dusted 7”where Drug Lust makes up most of the downtime in a still chaotic fashion.

Drug Lust has been on the radar for Pittsburgh hardcore, but their sound stays immortalized because of unrelenting force. They can capture and destroy, but it is more exciting to see them burn up the things around them in a fury with no real motivation to stop.

Listen To Dusted 7″ Here!!! – BandCamp


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