Misc. Day – The Bull and Beauty


Chazwick Bradley Bundick who is professionally known as Toro y Moi creates beauty from the tips of his fingers as he begins to morph and form melodic vibrations with each press of the keys. His style is reminiscing of the rainy city streets right as the sun falls, he is able to start a sense of emotion that is missing in most modern renditions of sound that hunkers down and captures a world of wonder behind his third studio release, Anything in Return.

A revitalization is necessary in growth, and Bundick is a master in the craft that can channel goose bumps from the sheer amount of elegance that comes from the instrumentals alone. Then, when paired with Bundick’s soft, but prolific vocals, Toro y Moi becomes an image of absolute beauté. He opens with “Harm In Change”, an uplifting exchange of synth chords and rattling percussion that shines on the production where Bundick creates sequences of building depth that is ever-present on Anything In Return. The entire album plays like a dance of steps that segue and shift so well together, making for a journey that never misses a beat. From the opening moments to the final closing, Anything In Return is a gift of excellence that borders on the levels of genius while never appearing to try too hard. It is a masterpiece that shows the glimmering moments of the world of music, begging the question of how Bundick made each composition and transition flow so well.

As the record reaches a midpoint, Anything In Return shows some of Bundick’s most powerful discography selections with “Cola”, “Grown Up Calls”, and “High Living”, displaying Toro’s illuminating adaptability behind production. From the almost somber sense of style on “Cola” where Toro y Moi is at his most vulnerable, reaching into his humanistic side of the mostly synthetic record. It is a show of human touch that engulfs the listener in a wrap of soft warmth that is approachable and relatable behind the dazed production as Toro eagerly explains, “Some days slip by me, and I think I know why, I make it through”. The track is loving and shows potential as it reaches into the following of “High Living” where Toro instead takes a slightly more upbeat drive that uses lots of electric chords that simmer and reflect off of the watery and cascading synths. It is truly a beautiful arrangement that demonstrates a reformed sense as Bundick displays these stumbling little splashes of life in the percussion and key changes that take “High Living” to new heights of expression.

“Grown Up Calls” begins to filter in with these vocal samples of higher pitched singing that then brings in Bundick as he explains, “I’m alright, out here with you. It doesn’t bother me; I know you think it does. It’s us making grown up calls, you got more than my love”. There are instruments upon instruments featured and brings the depth to new levels as Toro y Moi begins to use more percussion, voices, and different methods in the background to fully illustrate a whole orchestra of sound behind him. Anything In Return is a sense of elaboration that can create an enthralling draw within and a sense that begs to be replayed after each listen.

There is a sense of adventure behind Anything In Return that continues to echo even four years later. It is a sense of pride that Bundick has behind the instrumentation and the vibrations that it displays, there is a method behind his beauty and the way that he can end on a final, filtered note strikes a chord with how incredibly complex, but approachable his style is.

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