Classic Day – Kind of Blue


From the subtle piano notes that gracefully begin to fill the foreground, the recording can still pick up the background noise that sounds so similar to the hiss of a vinyl record. The percussion splashes on the cymbals are a clear, but calm indication of some backbone of rhythm. Then finally, as the horns begin to flood in the remaining sound, Miles Davis makes his first appearance in one of the most influential jazz albums of the century.

Kind of Blue was a stepping stone for Davis to fully realize the potential behind his trumpet, and to capitalize on his talents. The style to this day is instantly recognizable among the Jazz Elite, and among the dabblers that can pin-point his exact sound with ease. His opening track, “So What” is iconic in the way that it paints the vivid imagery of the late 1950’s noire. On the cusp of the 1960’s, Miles Davis creates a masterpiece from a steady stream of consciousness behind immaculate breath control and expertise behind his play style. Along side him, are some of the most renown jazz instrumentalists of the time, Bill Evans, Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane, Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, and even Wynton Kelly on “Freddie Freeloader”. The group made for an inseparable amount of chemistry in the recording studio where Davis conducted the group in a slow, but gentle easing of some of Jazz’s heavyweights.

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