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To put class in an art form is a feat only achieved by those who are masters of their craft, those who dedicate time in and off the clock to construct new meaning into their path. To change what surrounds them for the better and to produce for those in the future, to be led by their example and understand how to create history. The Alchemist is the man that never takes a day off as he has created countless projects, done hundreds of beats, and spent what seems like an unlimited amount of time in the recording studio. His limits know no bounds and strike straight into the hearts of millions. While moving on, Israeli Salad is not just a delicious dish, but it brings an enticing entrée of Middle Eastern style with all the flair of American Hip-Hop.

“Arrival” is anything but a standard finger-food for the opening meeting, Israeli Salad is at first glance a beautiful arrangement of glorious guitars and gentle percussion while it slowly begins to segue into the true “meat” of the record where The Alchemist can put forth some instrumentals that include chopped but not screwed samples of classical piano, bass riffs, and vocals. What The Alchemist does on Israeli Salad seems as if it was created by black magic and runes, but it is more simply put as an adventure of sound that both enthralls and displays a prowess to the musical ability. From the new, more rapid styling on tracks like “Collage Pt. 3: Rush Hour”, and the fluttering sounds of “Chetzi”, to the boom-bap styling of “Turn This Sh*t Up Pt. 2” or the subtle climbs of “Matzik”. It appears as though when given even the strangest of sampling material, The Alchemist can make a masterpiece.

He reaches deep into the different regions of sounds and pulls out some head-moving, feet-stamping, true to life hip-hop that any producer could not have even dreamed of. Israeli Salad is a shorter project, reaching only thirty-seven minutes; but it still has an incredible amount of depth behind it as well. The twenty-track behemoth manages to keep the attention, while shifting consistently, but also plays out long enough to reach a substantial full feeling. Even as the tracks change, the beats shift, and the dust settles, The Alchemist blends genres of music and shows dozens of diamonds on the tracks, like “Meduza” where he segues from the previous “Yala Yala” and continues moving with a breath-taking guitar solo and drum fills that sound ripped straight from heaven. It feels like a full band was recorded and not just one man behind the MPC (Music Production Controller).

The final moments of Israeli Salad are just as alluring as the opening notes. Israeli Salad shows more as an expedition than just another record, the transpiring beats are sent as a message to break the boundaries that lay before you, open up your eyes to the surrounding sounds, and keep an ear out for what lays ahead of you. The Alchemist is a proven master of mixing beats, cutting selections, and finding samples; with an open ear, it can change the world.

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