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CZARFACE is the adaptation of every comic book lovers dream, from the Silver Age Supermen to the Golden Age Captains of Industry, CZARFACE is a wonderful addition into the music fanatics collection, and a beautiful idea that brings nerds everywhere together. Similar in storytelling style of MF DOOM, The Triple-headed Hydra of 7L, Esoteric, and as well as Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang come to join forces to destroy evildoers and any that represent the forces of death. CZARFACE is truly a rare breed and their newest project, First Weapon Drawn is a narrative piece that surprisingly makes an earth-shattering statement without even rhyming anything together.

If the images of flashing booms, vibrant colors, and the constant marvelous nature of Stan Lee’s true believers jumps into your mind, then First Weapon Drawn is an emotional rollercoaster and just exactly what any Brave and the Bold fan needs in their life. From the bombastic pressure of 1960’s stylized rushes of heavy bass and blitzing guitars, to the subtle creep of the graveyard-esque synthesizers and keyboards that make up some of the backing tracks that go along with the narrative. First Weapon Drawn is more of an adventure than a record to listen to and it can be thrown on as simply background noise, but does demand to be sat down and listened to, almost like an old Dick Tracy radio broadcast. This is one of the more important aspects of CZARFACE; not only are they talented in making something that is eye-catching and reminiscing on the olden days of entertainment in their artwork, but they are ear-catching and show a real appreciation to the craft of making art that is substantial and works fantastically as an observational piece as well.

There is a real definite line of beauty behind CZARFACE’s First Weapon Drawn and a real fan appreciation to make something both interesting and exciting. It brings the edge of the seat to a new level and the constant shifting nature that CZARFACE and the instrumentals behind him keep the flow of the album moving flawlessly. With almost every single track having some sort of seguing momentum or stylistic approach, First Weapon Drawn feels and acts more like a single project than an unclassified group of tracks together. This method of creation relates well to the storytelling aspect and makes First Weapon Drawn stand out as not only a narrative piece, but also a musical piece that effortlessly combines both listener-engaging storytelling, and a wonderful arrangement musically as well.

From the earliest tracks of fuel-filled adrenaline to the final moments of sharp and clever uses of atmospheric instruments like shrilling noise and obnoxious whirling to simulate a real, true to life record of every comic book soundtrack piled into one, delicately wrapped piece of wonder. The track “What The Problem Is” sticks out for these uses of the warping bass and synthesizers that fill the room and engulf everything in a noxious gas of stylish proportions. It opens with some of the actors displaying pure shock and awe when CZARFACE enters and the instrumental goes straight from their banter, into an instant climb of minor percussion and purely atmospheric advances. There is also a seguing motion that flies into the following track, “Death of a Comrade” which features graceful, operatic singing and eventually builds up into a downright beautiful level of instrumental that combines both authentic and synthetic instruments working together to spawn a glorious array of storytelling procedures and a detailed level of instrumentals gluing together the pieces of one of the greatest virtual comic book stories ever told.

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