Misc. Day – Give Into Aggression


Where does the center of punk music lay? Does it have roots dating back to the earliest ages of the ancient Egyptians? Does it spawn from the first days of the missing links? Could it possibly have started with the sudden eruption scientists describe as the Big Bang? I personally do not know, but I do know that Blazing Eye is an extension of that pent up aggression and desirable punk music that the public so desperately needs. From the enclosures of the sudden urges to break everything in sight, Blazing Eye launches an attack with terror and displays no sign of mercy, no points of slowing down, and no sense of rationality. They destroy, rebuild, and crush again the very foundation that stands around them.

S/T 7” may only be a near seven-minute journey, but Blazing Eye treats this journey like a flurry of broken bones waiting to happen. The glimmering beacon of hope that acts as a build up into their first track, “No Outside” is not quite punishing, but instead acts as a safe zone for mosh pits to gradually form and become the onslaught that Blazing Eye will surely deliver on. Their sound goes beyond the limits of emotion and becomes a thrill-ride of electricity that instantaneously throws a wall of sound to the listener, threatening them, and finally launching a blaze of percussion and gutsy guitar that seems to echo continuously through each track. Anger is a repeating factor of their musical sound and the abrasiveness is the weapon of choice as Blazing Eye will move from track to track in a consistent fashion of never seeing a stopping point. Their music is like a train ride of fire, the wheels never slow and the noise only continues to grow more and more rambunctious.

In the subtly named “Kill You,” Blazing Eye takes an approach of using their vocalist as a screamer and introduces some solo work on the guitars as a way to mix up some of the flow of the music. Their approach is still the same, a sucker punch of kerosene that burns brighter than anyone around them. Blazing Eye is also home to LA VIDA ES UN MUS RECORDS which shows a touching grace to Lumpy and the Dumpers, and other outstanding acts like S.H.I.T., Rat Cage, and Anasazi, all of which have been known to be angry and show similar signs of Blazing Eye’s claim of glory. The general sound of LA VIDA ES UN MUS RECORDS is a hardcore jump with a twist of modern personalities. Blazing Eye feels familiar but also is a touch of new that is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding palate of hardcore music.

Blazing Eye then continues on with “Devil,” and the final track, “Biting.” Both of these tracks are a fighting spirit of head-slamming glory and force movement within the first few seconds. The pounding of the percussion, the swinging style of the guitar, and the in-your-face-attitude of the vocalization is a wonderful end to a fire-pit of hard as nails fury and a punch in the mouth to anyone being able to witness Blazing Eye’s assault.

Listen to S/T 7″ Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes



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