Misc. Day – Stomping On You

a2315980416_10.jpgWOODBOOT does not care who they hurt, who stands in their way, the lo-fi duo works together to stomp their way into the scene with their 2015 release, Crime Time. Holding a candlelight to an artist is difficult, but WOODBOOT fills a mold of power, blazing riffs, and a focus on being approachable as a punk standard.

While not a hardcore punk band, they carry a beach-step sound and move in effortless strides. From track to track, they are heavyweight contenders of Australian punk music and are slowly becoming a favorite to throw on for those long drives in the summer nights. The lights on the freeway guide you home and the under-produced, Do-It-Yourself sound leads the melodies of the sudden release. Crime Time is a shorter, adrenaline filled sucker punch into the gasoline soaked fire pit where they resonate with some of the masters of underground punk music. Their expressions are filled with power, their movements sporadic, and their intentions are deadly. Like a flash of lightning, WOODBOOT springs into action and escapes with broken bones and a busted lip. They are a collection of sound and makes an effort to leave nothing but ashes in their wake.

Listen to Crime Time Here!!! – BandCamp

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