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Black Pus is straight from the dungeons of music where the light never touches the surface. The deepest, darkest sections where most music fans will never even dare to venture into, only true fanatics who like the occasional bone crunching, aggressive punches from music seek out the thrills and horrors of Black Pus’s domain. He is welcoming to few, stand-offish to all, and leaves a trail of busted teeth and misery that follows behind his music.

While Black Pus is unfortunately only a moniker and Black pus is actually Brian Chippendale by day, but Chippendale’s musical background and artistic background is actually much deeper than just Black Pus. Stemming his musical ability from Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer, Chippendale also has written a book, Battlestack Galaticrap Foods, and even directed a movie The Power of Salad, which was a documentary that included Peter Glantz and Nick Noe that follows Lightning Bolt’s time in Rhode Island. Even as Chippendale takes up the Black Pus cowl at night, by day he is a graphic design artist that creates both stencil works and album artwork, Brian Chippendale is truly a jack of all trades that has a much more sinister underbelly than most would see at first glance.

As Black Pus first emerged, 2006 saw the self-released dawn of Black Pus and was, “A collection of ferocious free jazz, multi-tracked on Chippendale’s cassette four track.” Incredibly forceful through his approaches, Black Pus is music for the deaf. The vibrations are so substantial impactful, so detrimental, and so downright ugly that his tracks can be felt and to see Chippendale’s sporadic musical playing style live would seem like a freak show. He brings amps and speakers that are taller than any creature and the one-man drumming machine launches right into an onslaught of distorted yells, tribal-like drums, and loops that rumble stages and crumble buildings down to their foundation. Not only is this style of play instantly recognizable as Black Pus’s own, but it echoes into the limitations of what one person can do. Black Pus sees no walls in his path and has no real barriers, his sound is his own and he imitates no one.

Black Pus is a strange case in the musical world. His musical style is the strangest that I personally have heard ever and he combines both Noise and Punk into a mixing pot of abrasive, aggressive, ugliness that never really shows a sign of peace or silence. Black Pus is truly a monument in impracticality, a beacon of hope in an over-saturated music world, a statue that destroys all limitations and truly sets his own path. Black Pus is a force to be reckoned with, and he desperately begs to crush anything and everything that stands in his way.

Listen to Black Pus Here!!! – BandCamp


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