New Music – Underground Underdogs


Coming hot off the multiple releases last year, Fat Nick and Pouya have been trailblazers in the rap game and have showed no serious signs of slowing down. From working with $UICIDEBOY$, Getter, Sir Michael Rocks, and hundreds more, Pouya and Fat Nick are truly underground beacons that illuminate the night skies.

From the thousands of people dying to hear their newest tape Drop Out of School, Fat Nick and Pouya finally deliver and bring a fistful of clever wordplay, new tactics, and some old styles that fans of South Side Slugs or even Buffet Boys can hear once again and fall back in love all over again. The style directed by both Fat Nick and Pouya, the life long friends is still as fun as ever and even when the action slows down with tracks like “Torch,” the same level of intensity is present and uses a wide variety of 808 drums and hi-hat rattles that switch frequently to keep this consistent cascade of tools to use.

Here, Pouya and Fat Nick begin most of their tracks with a tag team tactic where they will trade verses back and forth, creating chemistry and a punch after punch style. Most of Drop Out of School is incredibly aggressive and shows almost no time of stopping or letting up, this adds to the unrelenting flow of the tracks and while Drop Out of School is just under thirty-minutes, the tracks featured are going to be substantial enough to be on repeat until Pouya surprises us with his other two albums he promised throughout the year. The work ethic of both Pouya and Fat Nick is incredible and seeing how they can release tracks, albums, and videos each month without suffering for quality, while only improving with each release is outstanding.

Listen to Drop Out of School Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes/Pouya’s Website

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