Classic Day – Spawned From Rock


I am sick of writing 1800 word essays… So for this review… Just listen to the album, it is fantastic and combines  so many outstanding points of jazz into one project. The longwinded and long named Pithecanthropus Erectus by Charles Mingus was released in 1956. Mingus was always a forward thinking artist that managed to push the boundaries of music and continue to create jazz in one of the most outstanding ways. Just check it out of you don’t believe me. I am sorry to anyone who stumbles upon this, I am usually not like this and I try to keep Matt’s Music Mine more professional, but screw the labels… For this showcase I wanted to break down the walls of writing and just let the listener experience every bit of detail in here. If you ever read, or don’t read… make sure you at least show the artists that I feature some love as they put everything they have into making these pieces of art for us… Don’t become complacent with not finding good ass music that expresses you and makes you personally feel good. I love you… Charles is dope…. Check it fools…

Check Out Pithecanthropus Erectus Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

I will probably be back to my old 7-page paper style on friday when I decide on what I want to feature next… Happy Valentines Day to all the couples, and to the single kids… You aren’t alone homies…

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