Misc. Day – Sun Eater (UPDATES AS WELL)


Woods is an American Folk Rock Band that has an impressive and engrossing résumé spanning over the course of nine different albums, and two studio records. Woods is from Brooklyn and is now formed with singer and guitar-player Jeremy Earl, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jarvis Taveniere, and the drummer Aaron Neveu.

Their newest album City Sun Eater in the River of Light is the “Woods you recognize,” but this time they are taking a fresh twist on their musical entry.  The group is now experimenting with different types of Ethiopian Jazz, and using lots of primal sounding background drums, with popping horns, and a chilled approach to the vocals that represents a desert drive going nowhere. That is not to say that the album is without direction, but the echoed and near wondrous vocals leaves a six in the morning feel. There are songs on this album that sound tired, but not in a bad way. It captures the freedom of the open road and allows the listener to be put into a whole new horizon.

Woods does an amazing job with the production, City Sun Eater in the River of Light has this whole connotation on the drums, they bring so much to the table with the quick and lucid fills. It was actually most surprising to see the use of maracas and dreamscape sounding guitar that left me wondering, “How did he make that sound like this?” City Sun Eater in the River of Light is musically and fundamentally an astounding album.

Woods brings a calmer tone that paints an image of a sunset drive or a relaxing night in the desert. City Sun Eater in the River of Light is really an album about relaxation and the peace in life. The mixture of outstanding musical sound gives way to dreamy guitar, sleepy vocals, and tight percussion that brings the mind toward a night at the beach in California, with the waves gathering up, and the sun just beginning to rise as well.



This is a much shorter showcase and Wednesday will most likely also be much shorter as I am leaving to go see Trash Talk, Black Noise and, Antwon play in Philadelphia. I will most likely post some pictures and this will be my first “blog” style post that isn’t just a discussion on music… But it is still a musical topic so I figured this would be a great platform to post it on anyway.

I will only be gone for a day or so… but expect some more bullshit on Friday about an album I have been pushing back for a few weeks now. Also it might be a double review again… I’m the hardest working person you know, and no one cares yada yada yada… Anyway wish me luck and I hope I don’t get stabbed in my face, hope all is well and I sold all my t-shirts so thank you. Yes, even the person who took my shirt and spit on it… thank you <3 I’m leaving now… Also Halloween is Monday… The same day you will read this… I might even listen to Riff-Raff for friday… Who knows! it’s a crazy swamp we live in, but I doubt it.. Peace in the Middle East, Love you, and goodnight <3

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