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Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine is a cinematic love voyage through the deepest parts of Miller’s psyche. Rather than talking about the dark depression like in his previous work, Mac Miller is alive and well; proving that he is not only able to adapt to daily life, but musically as well.

The Divine Feminine opens with “Congratulations,” a track with a similar piano solo to the one in Pixar’s “Up.” Miller spreads his arms and lets this track melt over the listener, this is a song that sounds straight out of the movies. Rather than opening with a banger, Miller decides to take an entirely different approach to this song, and this album.

The Divine Feminine is a rare breed of an album, Miller balances between a record that could be shown to your mother, a record that could be played in night clubs, and even played to flow some excitement into a room. It is strange in concept, Mac Miller making an album all about love and every song becoming something that Miller has never done before; but it just works incredibly well.

Miller has changed his style up so much and has adopted so many different genres in his music that it is near impossible to keep track of his accomplishments. From the tracks like “Dang!” and “God is Fair, Sexy, Nasty” where Miller is able to tightrope between a jazz hit and these subtle two-step tracks. The Divine Feminine has such a reinvigorating use of chord progression and horns that for a moment, this does not even sound like an album from Hip-Hop aficionado, Mac Miller.

Following “Dang!” is the track “Stay” which has these downright incredible horns that blast and protrude throughout the song. Then as the beat slowly fades in and the percussion lays down some 808’s and some innovative hi-hat beats, the track feels complete. Miller does magnificent job of layering each track and making them feel so fleshed-out and massive.

Miller also continues to sing more on this project than in the past. On GO:OD AM Miller did sing on certain songs, but The Divine Feminine features singing performances on nearly every song. Miller has shown improvement with his voice since GO:OD AM and thankfully the beats behind Miller are interesting enough to move the songs forward as well.

The Divine Feminine was overall an interesting expedition through Mac Miller’s approach to an album full of love songs. Surprisingly, the album came out better than I had originally expected and it might take a few listens, but The Divine Feminine could be one of Miller’s best projects. If nothing else, The Divine Feminine is definitely the most transformative album coming from Miller in a long time.

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