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Director – Daniel Behrens

Editor – Ricky Kekney

Executive Producer – Elliott O’Connor

Directer Of Photography – Casey Bohrnell

Dolly Grip – Luis Luna

Gaffer – Austin Bedell

Best Boy – Joe Pietrzak

Starring : Fred Durst, b.g_i, Curtis Heron, Kaelin Marion, Jesus

Music Produced by Vegard Veslelia

Logged by Hightosis

Logos by Tyrus Creek

3D Object Conversion by Premature Goon

New Music – Picklesburgh

a2318983192_10With a name as putrid as Lumpy And The Dumpers, the sudden destruction to hesitation and abrasiveness comes naturally. With past records having names like Huff My Sack, Music To Hump A Trashcan To, and Cruise Horny or Die, a name like Those Pickled Fuckers does not come as a surprise and is instead welcomed to the dirty, rotten sound of Lumpy And The Dumpers. The St. Louis originals are forceful, come stronger than before, and are more lovable than ever.

With the opening track, “Passing Glass”, Lumpy And The Dumpers have a higher recording quality than Huff My Sack which is not a very challenging task. The musical instruments are more refined here and are more recognizable. The lo-fi quality is still present, but the focus is shifted to the brutish style instead of the rough instruments. The quality of tone is much of the same as Lumpy And The Dumpers have a sensational way of disguising their music through comedy and outrageousness, even though it is written and performed incredibly well. The aggressiveness is always something that Lumpy And The Dumpers do well as a team and through “Passing Glass”, there is an urge to create movement from the pounding percussion and the frantic guitar that slams into frame over the noisy background.

The band as a collective is daunting, but has a dirty charm about them and “Hair On The Inside” is a punk anthem of quick, minute-and-a-half sound that attacks and then suddenly shifts again. Those Pickled Fuckers is a constantly evolving animal of a new breed; the transitions are sudden and leave no room for breath to be drawn. It is the musical equivalent of flying through the city streets with nothing being able to resonate and the whole experience being a chaotic mess, but it is also a masterpiece of energy and fun. Especially when it moves to “Attention” where the frantic activity and shifting operation takes an electronic cue with these schizophrenic levels of sound that cry out and reflect Those Pickled Fuckers as the lead vocalist delivers a stunning display. “Let me show you a trick, let me show you my dick. Is it just me or, does it look like a melted crayon?”, it is truly not for the faint of heart, but is also a type of line that leaves a smile as Lumpy And The Dumpers crash into the walls around them in an energetic blast of new waved style.

tumblr_nq7q13BIbK1qb0vpro1_500Those Pickled Fuckers becomes uglier through each listen and as it reaches the final apex of “Someone’s in the House”, and “Pickled Fuckers”, Lumpy And The Dumpers introduce a saxophone that blares in the instrumental mess that adds more to the rough, but charismatic movement. “Someone’s in the House” is actually closer to one of the slowest tracks by Lumpy And The Dumpers, but still has that same sense of abrasive nature and hellish yelling. It is a performance by the band that is present throughout and continues to be a staple point in Lumpy And The Dumper’s natural flow of disgust. The final track, “Pickled Fuckers” is a send-off only fit for a band like Lumpy And The Dumpers. It is comprised of sudden punches of guitar riffs and percussion that relies on the hi-hat and hard-strung strings to fill the voids of sound.

It is ugly, it is abrasive, but it is irreplaceable. The sound is like no other as Lumpy And The Dumpers are not only an act to hear through the violent nature, but to see the progression with each record keeps the band interesting and above all, strange. It is the moments of anguished screams and destructive instruments that create a sensational release that changes with each listen. An adapting monster that twists and contorts beyond repair that is as ugly and interesting, as it is entertaining.

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Classic Day – The Rebirth

george-harrison-all-things-must-passGeorge Harrison is a naturally legendary person that illustrates an immaculate sense of understanding and enlightenment in not just his personal life, but through a musical stance as well. His 1970 journey, All Things Must Pass has stuck in time for being a reflective voyage of recovery, new life, and rebirth through sound.

The record is simple beautiful and touching on a sounding placement, but then shows moments of inner-working tenderness that makes All Things Must Pass an album worth returning to over and over again. Opening gracefully with “I’d Have You Anytime”, a subtle display that cherishes the sound Harrison has to offer and brings it to the foreground. Its resemblance is nearly comprised of dream-esque guitar that takes Harrison to a new level where he is able to capture rising and falling action throughout the almost crawling style. The slick guitar work from Harrison and Eric Clapton that is featured here, as well as the variety of nearly thirty total instrumentalists brings a new wave of complexity behind the surrounding depth of the record.

Harrison captures this essence behind his style and has the incredibly laid back, almost forgiving manner behind his own personality; this is transposed into his music through the use of acoustic guitars and a vocal performance throughout All Things Must Pass that is second-nature for Harrison as he harmonizes between the melodies. He connects passionately and is influential through tracks like, “Wah-Wah”, “Isn’t It A Pity”, or “If Not For You” where Harrison is stunning through these performances and ultimately captures the listener in a gentle, but calming manner. Especially on “Isn’t It A Pity” where the dramatic chords and tender movements of the electric guitars is grasping in the lightest sense of the word. All Things Must Pass becomes a memorable experience for the exact way that Harrison can put his own inspiration and personality behind his music, illustrating in the best sense a relief that everything will pass and the sun will always continue to rise.


Just as it sets however, as Harrison also directs the gentleness for “Let It Down” where the primary focus is on the fuzz infused rising action that is then settled by the pianos and the sliding electric guitar that is almost effortless sounding. When the music then escalates and becomes something stronger, Harrison can rapture through sound these cascading background vocals that move with his voice and the backing instrumentalists as well.

All Things Must Pass is also an incredibly stacked journey of sound with a remaster of over two-hours of tracks and bonus tracks, as well as original versions of “My Sweet Lord” and “Isn’t It A Pity”. It is best taken in multiple dissections as Harrison’s sound feels so empowering and embracing ultimately in a manner that reflects on his own personal life. It is a journey of passion and understanding, but also stylistic choices that are monumental in his career. All Things Must Pass is a descriptive adventure of beauty and enlightenment, that leaves the listener feeling satisfied with what is being presented.

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