Misc. Day – Riding The Psychedelic Current

Currents by Tame Impala is a psychedelic rendition through a modern style of The Beatles. That is the easiest way to describe the 2015 album and the best way to describe the bands sound overall. They are like a modern day version of The Beatles with their own unique twist with outstanding production and tracks…… Continue reading Misc. Day – Riding The Psychedelic Current

New Music – The Twenty-Two Song Saga

Animals Have Feelings by Samiyam pushes the modern boundaries of the mostly instrumental album. It brings spacious sounds and the use of different era’s sounds to paint the wild journey that is the framework of Animals Have Feelings. Samiyam brings life to the already progressing experimental genre of hip-hop and is a smooth addition into…… Continue reading New Music – The Twenty-Two Song Saga

Classic Day -The Dueling Duo

Madvillain is the dual conglomerate of two of the most influential artists known to hip-hop and to the rap community. MF DOOM and Madlib formed together to bring an experimental, trail-blazing album that practically ignored every way to make a hit album; there was no chorus, no long songs, and no radio hits. But Madvillainy…… Continue reading Classic Day -The Dueling Duo