STREAMING // (Album) The Caretaker – “Everywhere, An Empty Bliss”


Listen Here – BandCamp

Compiled From Unreleased Archival Works By: Leyland Kirby

Cover Artwork By: Ivan Seal

Aural Mastering By: Stephan Mathieu

Track List: Loss Of Want Back There, I Might Be Vanishing, Empty Beyond Beyond Beyond, Losing Battle Of Loss, Advanced Plaque Camaraderie, All Eyes Bewildered, Glimpses Of Life Denial, Equinox Eyes Will Stop, Losing Loss Of Battle, Plaque Advanced Despair, Benjamin Beyond Bliss, Drifting Sublime Hope, Minimal All You Are, Internal Unravel, Dusk Memory Fraction, Entanglement Synapse Ache, And Bliss Everywhere Bliss

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