STREAMING // (Album) Heads For The Dead – “Serpent’s Curse”


Listen Here – BandCamp

Vocals + Lyrics: Ralf Hauber

All Music + Production: Jonny Pettersson

Session Drums: Erik Bevenrud

Guest Solos Tracks 1 + 2 + 3: Matt Moliti

Guest Solos Tracks 7 + 2: Håkan Stuvemark

Artwork By: Branca Studio

Logo By: Mark Riddick

LP Layout By: Francesco Gemelli

Track List: Serpent’s Curse, Heads For The Dead, Deep Below, Post Mortem Suffering, The Awakening, Death Calls, Of Wrath And Vengence, Gate Creeper, Return To Fathomless Darkness, In Darkness You Feel No Regrets

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