STREAMING // (Video) La Femme – “Paradigme”


Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

Video Produced By: La Femme + Aymeric Bergada du Cadet

With The Participation: Alma Jodorowsky

Paradigm Sisters: Alma Jodorowsky, Lisa Hartmann + Itziar Sanchez-Guardamino Canton

Dancers: Samantha Quealy, Shanice Sloan, Morgane Branchoux, + Louise Goulouzelle

Choreographer: Samantha Quealy

Producers: Disc Pointu and Wacko / Première Heure

Executive Producer: Céline Lopez Junior

Producer: Mathéo Lafontaine

Production manager: Mélanie Beyl

General manager: Tim Aouizerate

Stage Manager: Alice Pierron + Noëllie Peslier-Crambes

1st Assistant Director: Franck Percher

2nd Assistant Director: Sandra Layani

3rd Assistant Director: Chanael Nkamleu

Chief operators: Inès Tabarin + JF Julian

1st Camera Assistant: Louis Roux

2nd Camera Assistant: Swan Guessoum + Marie Laure Blancho

Interns: Mica Albanese, Francesco Garcia Morteo, + Katja Stuckrath

Steadycam Operators: Jean-Charles Couty

Production Designer: Gilles Perez De La Vega

Decoration Assistants: Laura Krompholtz, Sam Guitton, + Lionel Dijoux

Props: Pipa Schallier

Chief Electrician: Hugo Brossard

Electricians: Eryl Bounekhla + Nathan Fredouelle

Electrician Intern: Daniil Iakimov

Head of Machinery: Alexis Bouladoux + Charly Remigereau

Sound Director: Germain Deniau

Make up: Dyna Dagger

Make-up Assistant: Marie Baillon + Benjamin Agoyer

Make-Up Intern: Léa Depleux

Hair styling: Kevin Jacotot

Hairdresser Assistant: Lucie Marrot

Styling: Francesco Mocchia di Coggiola

Styling Assistant: Axel Besson + Louis Raphalen

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