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Guillaume Cazalet: Amplified Bass, Baritone, Barytone Guitar, Bow, Sitar, Flute, Trumpet, + Vocals

Jean Jacques Duerinckx: Amplified Saxophone, Barytone, + Sopranino

Sebastien Schmit: Drums, Percussions, Gongs, + Vocals

Pierre Arese: Drums + percussions

Track List: To The Earth: Daiitoku-Myōō no ŌDAIKO, To The Earth: NGANGA, To The Earth: LAMASTHU, To The Earth: PTAH SOKAR OSIRIS, TO THE EARTH: MAGICKÁ DŽUNGL’A, To The Earth: ENŪMA ELIŠ, To The Moon: ZÂR, To The Moon: VAJRABHAIRAVA Part I, To The Moon: VAJRABHAIRAVA Part II, To The Moon: VAJRABHAIRAVA Part III, To The Moon: IADANAMADA!, To The Moon:  OI SONUF VAORESAJI!, To The Sun: EÔS, To The Sun: HEKA HOU SIA, To The Sun: HELIOZOAPOLIS, To The Sun: KHONSOU SOKARIS

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