STREAMING // (Album) Girlsville – “BE GAY, DO CRIME!”


Listen Here – BandCamp

Featuring: Osees, Gen Pop, Stiff Love, Becky & The Politicians, Hood Rats, UV-TV, Andrew Anderson, Virvon Varvon, Germ House, Mr. And The Mrs., Danny And The Darleans, Blues Lawyer, The Primitives, UK Gold, The Proletariat, The Maxines, Special Interest

Track List: Blood On Your Boots, You Can Chew, I Don’t Mind Committing Crime, If Boys Got Pregnant (The Orchids), Exterminator, Happy Place (The Jesus And Mary Chain), I Don’t Like Music, Corner Seat, 15 Year Old Plan, Heavy Debbie, You Colonized My Mind, From The Start, Been Hiding (The Ainslers Set), Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot (Billy Childish), Bomb Throwing Practice, Parking Lot, White Out (Alternate), On The Floor, The State Industry The Community & Her Love (Tati Au Miel Remix)

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