Misc. Day – Suica Card


Hailing from Sendai, Japan, DJ Mitsu The Beats strikes a boom-bap progressive style that pays homage to the heroes of production but also adopts to become an identity within itself. As the charismatic sounds begin to flood the record, TURN TABLE is a piece that lies as a hidden gem amongst the grandeur of choice.

Not only are the initial moments of TURN TABLE graceful and full of vitality, but when the smooth and warm strings are introduced played by Otoji+Ray does the emotion come full circle. The First Sight” sets a tone for DJ Mitsu The Beats and establishes a unique stance on how to craft and sculpt from an MPC. Rather than creating a 16-set verse, hook, then verse structure, DJ Mitsu The Beats use his instrumentation as if it was a live jazz set and is able to translate these freeform moments into harnessed sound. Just like the JR lines of Tokyo, DJ Mitsu The Beats has a familiar, but expansive sound that can be found in many divergent lines.

With TURN TABLE, tracks like “Pristine” or “How The Day Goes” has a similar affectionate pull, but the way that the subtle differences change the scenery and allow DJ Mitsu The Beats to paint through sound is vibrant. Even on an upbeat track like “Saltation” that could easily be played in a nightclub or on a morning work commute, the movement through the consistent one-two bass line and the hand clap snares is infectious. Then adding in the layering and depth of the strings on top of the already packed instrumental creates a complex, but never overbearing work of noise.

Suddenly, as the beat transitions into this half-time shuffle pattern at the midpoint, “Pristine” peels back the original walls and constructs upon something new. Warping soundscapes, the rattling hi-hats, and the seemingly endless onslaught of new rhythms through the strings creates a forest of potential where DJ Mitsu The Beats is a lumberjack that can thrive in the woods.

One of the last moments on TURN TABLE elicits sentiment on new experiences where the 32-minute project scrapes together the doors and packs up shop. It is a brightly lit instrumental piece that carries “A Nostalgic Note” as a burning torch that highlights some of the beauty that DJ Mitsu The Beats has been able to display through proficient adoration.

From oceans away or next door, the boom-bap style has influenced millions around the world and been able to bounce untranslatable work into the forefront of the ears. The metaphorical sunshine that washes over the listener in the final hour tightly wraps its arms and is more of a loving friend than any faceless piece of production.

Listen To TURN TABLE Here!!!  – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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