STREAMING // (Video) Emma Ruth Rundle- “Real Big Sky”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube


Directed + Photographed By: Brandon Kapelow

Producer: Cathy Pellow

Associate Producers: Charlie Balch + Brandon Kapelow

Whitelist Collective:

Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson

Head of Production: Matt Griffo

Head of Creative Development: Colin Moore

Head of Finance & Operations: Natasha Seubert

Stylist: Annette Aispuro

Hair + Makeup Artist: Blake Armstrong

Sound Mixer: Drew Heskett

1st AC: Anthony Pham

2nd AC: Bobby Moser

Practical Effects: Spencer Creigh

Special Thanks:

Nick Roney

Joe Sill

RJ Collins

Sarah Ruth Rundle

Ben Mullinkosson

Tom Taugher

Dan Thomas

Matt Phelan

Abilene Phelan

Loren Jean Hill

Dan Carr

Austin Kearns

Jackie! Zhou

Ariel Fisher

Michael Barth

Amilcar Dorn Melendez

Cordoba Guitars

Eastside Camera Services

Sargent House

The Whitelist Collective

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