Misc. Day – East Atlanta Overlord


Gucci Mane is a global phenomenon that has enough resources and power to release mixtapes and records from within confinement in prison. While he is not the only artist to release music from a cell, Gucci Mane is the first artist to release more than three albums from jail and one of the greatest mixtapes of his discography.

Trapology comes in the form of overgrown guerilla tactics that strike from all sides between trap house star, aggressive hip-hop, and tracks that are adaptable for the club. It is not surprising as this is going to be one of the 72 mixtapes and 13 studio albums (February 2019) that Gucci Mane has been the standing monument on. The first track “East Atlanta” is a breath of fire featuring Young Scooter who describes, “I’m pretty sure if you look up in the dictionary, next to the word trap nigga, trap house, trap anything nigga you gonna see a picture of my ass and my nigga Guwop.” He then lets Gucci Mane do what Gucci does best, rip apart a hook describing, “On the block eating noodles, I’m a rott you a poodle. In the club with a slug I’m a motherfucking shooter. In a drop top spider titties showing like Hooters, I’m the plug tryna serve all the cocaine users.”

There is something fascinating about the production which acts like a supercharged Dodge SRT Hellcat that squeals out into the midnight streets leaving nothing but mayhem and destruction in its wake. The real meaty verses are actually handled primarily by Young Scooter but the focus and spotlight is entirely on Gucci Mane as he struts to the microphone and engulfs the area in this trap symphony of sound.

But it is not all violence here on Trapology, there are moments with features from Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss, and even Verse Simmonds that act as dance hits too. “Ass Everywhere” is not just catchy through the production and the build-up, but the track acts as a bridge from the ugliness of violence and drug work.

He still mentions death but under a different light, “Thou shall not kill and I know it’s god’s will, but that’s something I gotta take up with the lord. Song is a sword and I know that it’s a sword, but this 40 right here’ll shoot up your Accord.” Gucci Mane is somehow comedic behind all the brutality and rough-edges. While it might not be the love-making song of the century, it does the trick to move the feet and collect a quick two-step.

Somehow from Atlanta to the world, Gucci Mane invokes a feeling of ownership that not many can create. Hearing robbing and stealing might not fit for everyone, but Trapology does an amazing job of delivering immaculate production to support that fits everything Gucci Mane says. From one trap house to the next, Gucci Mane holds it down, brick by brick.

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