STREAMING // (Video) Trouble – “Edgewood Film”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube


An Interscope Records & Ear Drummer Records Presentation

A Freenjoy / The Invisible Hand Production

In Association With Ear Drummer Films

A Film By: Derek Schklar

Mariel “Trouble” Orr

India “O.G. India” Kelly

Michael “Mike WiLL Made-It” Williams

Rashad “Big Bank” Holsey

Aubrey “Drake” Graham

Written & Directed: Derek Schklar

Produced: Jeff Kopchia

Executive Produced: Derek Schklar & Nathan Scherrer

Music: Trouble & Mike WiLL Made-It

Cinematography: Marcell Rév

HSC Edited: Nick Pezzillo

Original Score: Davey Thomas Tucker

Color Grading: Stefan Sonnenfeld for Company 3

Sound Design: Derek Schklar, Nick Pezzillo, and Peter Lapinski

Sound Mix: Peter Lapinski

Production Company: Freenjoy

Special Thanks to Tim Nash, Daniel Wolfe, Somesuch, Francesco Colombo, Natan Schottenfels, Mourad Belkeddar, Iconoclast, Sacha Ben Harroche, Caviar, Sarah Boardman, Mensch, Gabriel Napora, Imagination Park, Jake Wilson, Interscope Records, Julio Perez, Spot Welders, Matthew Goldberg, Russell Lee, and Bruce Francis Cole.


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