Misc. Day – Rap’s Appetizers


In an age where musical creativity has never been at such a height; to see the youth creating and discovering their own sound while simultaneously being able to capture a guided approach to what was once a guild and impenetrable. The music industry as a whole has never seen this level of intriguing outsiders who were once never exposed to a musical background and now seeing platinum records.

Tierra Whack is one of the first artists that have ever released an album with exact cuts of one-minute tracks, to form a fifteen-minute (do the math) record release that spreads itself thin and comes out as more of a performance art piece than a record that will be continually played again and again. Whack World is a record that spans like flipping through the television during late nights, there are tracks that work well within the short run-time, leaving the listener in a daze and almost always wanting more.

And that is almost the problem within Whack World; Whack moves quickly and can showcase true effort behind her tracks, but the incredibly layered tracks are spread thin across a board of sudden jump cuts. With catchy tracks of “Hungry Hippo” or “Silly Sam” that have glistening production and a beautiful delivery, it makes a design for an overarching and repeatable journey. With the short run time however, as soon as “Hungry Hippo” gets started, it ends and each piece works more as interludes that are sewn together.

Miraculously, the fifteen-minutes are surprisingly fun to dance along to as the consistent shifts keep the listener on their toes. Whack World was one of the first records that questions the typical hook-sixteen-hook styles of rap music and pushes the strangest conglomerate and mixes to work together.

Tierra Whack has some true talent behind this sound, and it is ironically her own; unfortunately Whack World is not long enough to keep the replayablity in the end. Whack World is actually the perfect album to DJ at a party or an event however as you could let the record play all the way through and it will continue to change itself.

Creating something new and different is such an important task in the oversaturated world of music, music journalism, and music creation. Tierra Whack is one of the first artists to push incredibly short tracks, one-minute to be exact under the magnifying glass with cheerful production, intense wordplay, and one of the more engaging releases of the year.

Listen To Whack World Here!!! – Youtube/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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