MMM’s Musical Exhibition PT. III – Artist Showcase II


LiveFromTheCity has been making a name for himself ever since first appearing on the scene with his mixtapes, features, and now his albums that remix the classiness of the golden-era of hip-hop with a new-age style of rap power. His musical style is one that he has created himself, standing out in the crowd with his newest full project, You Deserve It. From the nominations for being The King Of Pittsburgh’s Hip-Hop from the Pittsburgh City Paper, to the journeys of rocking the stage on 1Hood day, or catching him at some of the clubs around Pittsburgh completely destroying the stage, Live in the newest member to stand up on the war with music.

Live describes on his BandCamp page, “This is for you. Thank you for all your love and support during this journey. As a token of my appreciation, I have released this project (You Deserve It) for free…”. Live makes it well-known that he truly treasures the fan base that boosted him to this higher level of learning, on the opening track “Do You Believe In Angels?”, he is compassionate and reflects on how his choices have led him to this place. He explains over a beat reminiscing of something that The Alchemist would produce, “I was born in the ghetto unto an angel that raised me, never marched to the same beat as them, my rhythm was different”. Live then moves on to the later stages in his life where he describes the stepping stones that would eventually become his career as a hip-hop artist. LiveFromTheCity explains, “A young nigga from Wilkinsburg that should still be hoopin’, four projects later, I still have something to prove then”. It is a humbling journey that Live expresses through and on his later track “Guilt”, Live describes how he sees his home and the changes that occurred after he left.

The production on “Guilt” is a rampant and frantic use of piano chords and boom-bap percussion that tilts toward an aggressive styling that works to boost Live’s lyrical output as he describes, “Have you seen my side of town lately? It’s a disgrace, and it often makes me question if I should be the face of such an ugly oppression”. This is where Live begins to illustrate his personal side and where his upbringing brought him. You Deserve It is a personal recollection of Live’s own journey through life and is a look through his eyes. His style is brash, but there are moments where he is able to possess a shining glimmer of hope behind his verse and display the change he wants to see in the world. This is apparent on his final track, “Low Expectations” where Live explains behind church organs that he is moving on through the hate and the doubters that expressed their disapproval of his career path. He is focused on moving forward and not trying to change the past, but instead curve the path for himself in the future.

You Deserve It is almost a call to Live’s self, he understands that he has the talent to make it big, so he continues on and insists that he himself deserves it. He works everyday to move to where he is now, and the future looks brighter than ever for Live.

Listen to You Deserve It Here!!! – BandCamp

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