MMM’s Musical Exhibition Band Showcase Number Three – Isaiah Small

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.20.49 AMTo be a man of many genres takes impeccable skill and a prowess on music that most would not be able to comprehend. Isaiah Small is a young, fresh, and up-and-coming artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that taps into the specialty of funk music, but also pours his heart and soul into making an incredible rap, jazz fusion style that he can call his own. His style is unique and his newest release, Colour could just be your new favorite piece of independent sound.

Small is a prolific keyboard player at heart, but can also rock with percussion, bass, guitar, and even lays down his own vocals which is not only intriguing to hear, but it is also impressive to witness first hand. Colour is an EP of sorts; lasting only slightly over the thirteen-minute mark, but is substantial enough to bring a listener back continually to discover all the additional layers of depth that Small creates in his music. From the growing beauty that is the opening track, “Radiohead Kid” where Small fades the instruments and gives a wonderful first insight to what is to come on Colour. His voice is light on the ears and the gorgeous piano work continues to be the highlight of Small’s sound and is what keeps an attachment on the listener after hundreds of listens. To one of the following tracks, “Ayite” where the theme of beauty on the ivories continues, but this time includes outstanding chord progression that truly makes “Ayite” feel like it was created by a team of a thousand people and not just a single person. The vibraphones that subtly lead into the main portion of spaced-out vocalization and an eventual build-up with every instrument becoming more fleshed out and with a larger focus on breaking each instrument down to its core mechanics. Just as the vibraphones lead in the track, “Ayite” finishes with seeing the vibraphones subtly leading out the instrumental and leads into another section where Isaiah Small breaks down the walls of genre, spawning a new level of love to music.

“Sunshine” is a cheerful track that features another unlisted vocalist who acts as a rapper behind the funky and percussive heavy instrumental that holds Isaiah Small as a background vocalist who lays down the chorus, “So you can be my sunshine, see I can be the light right in your eye. So you can be my apple pie, see I just want to dance with you one night.” Small’s approach is light-hearted and the cascading piano riffs that splice with sporadic playing on the hi-hat makes for one of the best instrumentals coming from the Minnesota-grown, Pittsburgh-player, soon to be global artist, Isaiah Small.

Listen to Colour Here!!! – Spotify/Soundcloud


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