Misc. Day -Updates/Personal


Lately I have lost all motivation and want to jump from a 12-story building. I don’t want to write anything, so here is a few bands that I found out about this weekend that I have been digging on. I will most likely go back to doing Misc. Mondays and other stuff like normal but eh…

Thank you for the support and I hope that the people who read this actually take time to listen to the music I write about. It’ll change our little insignificant lives.

First Up on the list is

  1. TV Girl (Los Angeles Based Beautiful Music)
  2. Black Marble (New York Indie Music)
  3. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya (Might actually write about him but check it out)
  4. Crucified Mortals (Same deal, might write about this record later)
  5. Iron Lung (Power violence <3)
  6. BlakFace (I want to review this too)

Sorry for the lack of fun this Monday, but here is a song that pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling about the world and yeah…. I also hate putting my feelings into stuff but whatever. I can say whatever I want to in the physical world and no one can stop me…

Rather Be Broke and Alone Than Spend Another Fake, Unloving Second With You
Like the Gentle Sea Cow… We are forced to find our way out alone


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