Personal Post – II


So…. This is going to be yet another run-down of whats happening as it has been about a month since I wrote the first personal post. Well starting off we now have hit

  • 53 Posts
  • 332 Visitors including countries from Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Netherlands, and several others that I hold near and dear to my heart
  • Hit a top view count this October with 106 total views for one single day, and for total views since I started MattsMusicMine are now over 1,100

Surprisingly enough I have had some new subscribers and I would like to once again thank the people that support and follow my site, it means the world to me and while it is the corniest thing I could possibly say, it is the absolute truth. Thank you to everyone, even the people that hate on me as it only motivates me to continue to do what I have an absolute passion for.


I have now received my t-shirts and they can be purchased from me in person or through an email contact. I am working on getting the store set up so people can receive stickers and business cards at their pleasure, or grab a t-shirt if you really love me. Thanks to the people who bought them so far, it is very kind of you and don’t feel bad if I don’t have your size, I will order more in the future. As of now all I have is L and XL which most people could fit into.

Anyway, thanks again fools for supporting me and checking out my trash. A college essay about Acid Bath (One of my personal favorite records) is going up tonight. Bonus points if you know anything I am talking about in my article.

Thanks, and I love you

Matthew Ryan Miramontes “Bic Boy”

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