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Classic Day – Welcome To Hell

R-4952538-1382548773-7602.jpegQueensbridge Killers, better known as Mobb Deep was a terroristic rap-duo of hip-hop flavor. The late and greatly respected Prodigy, as well as accolade smashing MC, Havoc made up Mobb Deep; the two worked like a well-oiled machine of authentic-lyricism, head banging boom-bap production, and a wild sense of abandonment for the rules. While only in their late teens, Mobb Deep was already a rough tag-team of unprecedented blows, hit after hit of the young rappers that would reach superstardom.

Their debut record, Juvenile Hell was a first look, a glimpse into the rough cut lives of two wordsmiths behind raw, but movement-inducing instrumentals with a large focus on sampled funk and early jazz. Through the opening tracks of “Me & My Crew”, “Locked In Spofford”, and “Hold Down The Fort”, Prodigy and Havoc are a wrecking crew of a bleak future for hip-hop that included lyrical themes of despair, violence, and a hellish lifestyle of institutions. Especially prevalent in their lyrical approach, Havoc begins on the track, “Peer Pressure”, that he is, “A young black teen, everyday I, deal with the pressure and mixed up is how I feel. I walk the streets with a fuck you attitude and when it comes to my peoples, you ain’t half as rude”. Havoc and Prodigy are standoffish, but are relatable characters through their music and even as they lived much different lives; their message of being your own boss is still influential to other rhymers of today. It is instantly apparent that Mobb Deep has no compassion for those that stand opposing to them, they are ready to stomp the competition and clearly from the track, “Bitch Ass Nigga”, Mobb Deep is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Havoc explains, “You couldn’t kill me because I can’t kill myself, and if I got beef then I got it for self. And if I catch a body, I catch it for self, to me murder is good for the health… So what you wanna do punk, back up a little. Gimme some space, I’m getting hearts, street sweeper”. It is a relation to the rhyme schemes and the lyrical ability where Mobb Deep is a shining example of teen anger and Hip-Hop class acts. Hip-Hop as a genre has deep roots connected to Mobb Deep and there can not be a discussion about classic Hip-Hop without mentioning Prodigy or Havoc. The two Queensbridge Destroyers were a dangerous group both on and off the microphone; Mobb Deep is a pivotal group that stands out in history as being able to shake a room with their sharp rhymes, or keep a room bouncing with their boom-bap production. It was a dualistic time in Mobb Deep’s career where their debut needed to be authentic to their own style, but also be able to become relatable to the audience in a similar manner. Mobb Deep captures that spirit of Hip-Hop and their later track, “Stomp Em Out” is a prime example of how the production lures in listeners with the bass-heavy, horns and jazz styled drums that let both Prodigy and Havoc annihilate. The beat is able to be danced to and something that a person’s mother can enjoy, but the hardcore lyrics are the bread and butter of Mobb Deep that makes the listener really stay and start to analyze what Mobb Deep is.


Juvenile Hell is a constant work of art that shifts and twists with each incoming track, the final moments with “Peer Pressure (The Large Professor Remix)”, “Project Hallways”, and “Flavor For The Non-Believes”, is a monumental send off that can be released as a separate EP of itself. The reworking of “Peer Pressure” gives an entirely different feel as the rising horn that becomes a blaring method and the seguing techniques of “Project Hallways” is engaging. As Mobb Deep moves toward the last moments of Juvenile Hell, there is a live feeling behind their music, sending the tracks off in an up-beat style. There is not a moment where Mobb Deep lets the emotion fall to a dragging level of momentum, there is always some sort of movement going on while Prodigy and Havoc wreck the microphone. Even as the final dust settles on “Flavor For The Non-Believes”, there is still a focus on sending the beat into a quick, boom-bap style of bon voyage.

The dynamite duo moves well together and while Juvenile Hell is not their best project. It is indeed a perfect place to start as it proves that Mobb Deep only improved with their later projects, the incredible re-workings of their styles and movements led them to where they are today. The superstars of rhymes are a rare breed, one that will always last and always be prevalent in history. The entertainers of the masses, the stepping-stones of generations, the Queensbridge poets of Mobb Deep.

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Misc. Day – In The Lap Of The Master

a1045276504_10-2.jpgAs the last of the wreckage falls around the crashing waves of the raging sea, the sand began to rumble around me. It was a gentle, almost comforting vibration that seeped into the sand in-between my feet. The pitch-black night was distant, but the overbearing brightness of the sunset had finally died. Nightfall would soon begin to overcome me, it would engulf the world that surrounded me and the crashing waves was going to be a siren song. The final thing I would hear before the near-endless black would fall upon me, shadowing both the sun and all life on Earth.

I was still recovering from the showcase on Friday and wanted to do something a little different with my Misc. Monday. I wanted to just bring upon to the audience, a higher power of music. Something that taps into the methods of relaxation and something that doesn’t need over-analyzed like my usual Monday’s. I worked to put on this show for last Friday and I feel as though I don’t deserve any breaks, and I am not… but I just wanted to instead focus on some sort of recuperating for any one that came out and supported me. Sounds Of Isha is something I discovered a few months ago and have been going back to more and more as I begin to mature and understand the tides of life shifting around me. This post is not going to be a reoccurring thing, but I do need to get some new styles of music up on the site. I will not start doing reviews of country music or noise, but I might shift it up a little and start doing more new music than old music. My Misc. Day might become obsolete, or even my Classic Day as I feel that they are fun to write about and they do give me a sense of gratuity when I finish; however, I am at a stage in my life where I must take a professional stance, and a less-professional, more approachable stance. I will never write like I wear a suit and tie, I will never start selling out, and I sure as hell am not going to stop performing/producing shows.

I was happy with how the last showcase turned out, I was slightly disappointed in the numbers; but the quality is always more important than quantity. There are going to be incredible and immaculate changes in my life coming, I personally thank anyone that has stuck by side, reading these either sporadically or every single post. Putting on showcases and writing is something that I work on everyday and while I am no where near where I want to be, Matt’s Music Mine has connected me with artists and people that I would have never been able to share a spotlight with. People I would have never been able to speak with, meet, or even call my friends. That is why, I will continue to find new music, continue to find music that people need to listen to. This is all I have left; I have nothing else in my life that I want to do as a career path.

This Industry will spit you out, chew you up, take everything from you, and reuse you until you are emotionally and physically drained. I am working everyday to not crush those around me, but to instead lift them up and give them a platform that they would have never had before. I am no martyr; I am nothing more than an incredibly lonely kid with an inseparable love for music. Music has always been a coping mechanism for me, it has always been the thing that I am able to use to make the sun shine brighter, the rain last a little longer, and to make my life more bearable. This isn’t a diary and I know that I am beginning to ramble, but as Matt’s Music Mine turned One this year, I wanted to at least say that I am truly grateful for those who worked with me and the people in the future that I can work with. You know who you are…

I will say once again, I am going to keep doing this until my bones are eventually grinded back to the refined powder and I am whisked away by the wind, there is no obstacle too great, no barrier too bold, no person that can stand in my way. I have a small, but humbling following now… And I can’t wait to see where I am next year at this time, two years from this time, ten years from this time.

More good things on the way and the P.M.A… That Positive Mental Attitude will lead me in the right direction, The odds are stacked against me, but I will eventually succeed. And Sounds Of Isha’s, In The Lap Of The Master is something I listen to, in order to understand the things in my mind. To try and make sense of some of the problems on my brain, Thank you again… and it is nowhere but UP from here.

  • Matthew M. “Matt’s Music Mine”
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