Misc. Day – When Machines Collide


One of the first real introductory handshakes that came from Uniform was their work with the detrimental and crushing duo, The Body. The collaboration tied in some engaging style clashes, but I wanted to go further back.

Taking a look into their 2015 debut, Perfect World is if the machines took the planet over and Uniform is the narrator from the burnt decay of humanized shadows. As they look on in through this cyber-lens with the introductory title-track, “Perfect World” is desolate and hopeless.

The drum pad bass that plays more doom than sunshine, the consistent percussive punch is a desperate march toward annihilation. While electronic work and guitar strums from Ben Greenburg occupy the atmosphere, vocals from Michael Berdan are shouted to become one last humanistic marks of desperation before the skull is smashed by the metallic foot.

This hellscape gives way to Uniform’s sensibility falling to pieces as each track on the six-headed record comes clamoring through the speakers. Perfect World in a sense is the everlasting pulling and dragging through the mud and shattered world. Most of this world is inhabited by ingots and scrap hunks that cover the ground.

Still, in most aspects of Perfect World, the production and style that Uniform adopts is ear-catching and paints metal images through every second. Berdan’s vocals especially are fantastic, but not in the sense of skill. Instead, the performance and ability to match the production here with guttural screams and miserable anguish becomes the band’s real progression into sonic control.

In a way of fighting back, “Footnote” is six minutes of pure ramped assaulting. With the snare forming a direct line of unapproachable bastilles with impenetrable walls. “Footnote” is storming the castle gone wrong, ending with chaining to eternal and formidable slavery to sound.

The drum work and way that Perfect World attacks as a fountainhead becomes strangely poetic behind the chaos. “Footnote” is one of the tracks from Uniform that fully encompasses this failure and theme of succumbing to an eventual self-destruction.

The track where Drew McDowall comes through as a feature is on “Lost Causes,” giving synthesizer pieces that collide directly with the machinery that Uniform manufactures. More of the last word while the sunsets on this glorious battlefield of body parts and dismantled mechanisms. The combination of McDowall gives some heroic undertones to the work with these photographs of 80s action movies flashing to the eyes.

While Uniform drags the audience through certain danger, there is never this isolative factor. The band works to be with the audience, as a beacon of some strength through unity before humanity is wiped to fragments by the same instrumentals that the band creates.

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