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After a five-year hiatus, Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush is a revitalization of psychedelic dances through floaty instrumentation. While the cover that depicts bright and warm reds with sand powering in through every opening, Kevin Parker turns a new leaf toward weightless production that’s high above the shorelines.

Opening with the introduction of “One More Year” which seems like a love-letter to synthetic vocals and a want for more, the first piece of the hour-long puzzle takes a dive right through these tunnels of sound. The performance on The Slow Rush is still recognizable through Tame Impala’s signature backing use of movement-heavy production, but every step comes with some higher dignity toward dance and rhythm. With this constant bass undertone on “One More Year” that then pushes into “Instant Destiny” which is a flowing bounce through percussive rolls and crashes. The transitional periods are graceful but provide enough spring to roll off cleanly.

“I’m about to do something crazy, no more delaying, no destiny too far. We can get a home in Miami, go and get married, tattoo your name on my arm,” describes Parker through lively production that is an immediate standout for The Slow Rush. While the record takes some time to grow from the incredibly hit-heavy display of Currents or Lonerism, The Slow Rush has moments that pertain to the growth artistically. The record takes a well-deserved space on the mantle with more lyrics that are relaxed and create this calming effect, “This traffic doesn’t seem quite as annoying, quite alright, quite alright sitting here. I know this is different, let’s cause something permanent.” Tame Impala never lets much grass grow underneath their feet as there is this continual rush that relates to the title that is somehow hurried, but also seems laidback and carefree.

While there are psychedelic elements throughout a primary majority of The Slow Rush, tracks like “On Track” are some of the monuments for the record that take a sluggish approach to building and then knocking over mountains in the way. It seems that time has been a great growing factor for Parker who is manipulative of his environment and able to craft some dynamic moments that exist under Tame Impala’s name. As authentic keys are placed into the instrumental gauntlet, The Slow Rush feels as if it was this combination of older foundations and new paint jobs.

One of the strongest times spent is with Parker’s ingenuity through incorporating a club-esque heartbeat to the record, shifting from one line into an adaptable river that flows in several directions. As The Slow Rush comes to a close, Tame Impala stands like a pillar of sequencing sound into digestible beauty.

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